Vigor in Africa

Vigor in Teens

Vigor in Elderly

Vigor in Faith

Vigor in Africa: Is an initiative towards the sustainable development goals that will help improve the health sector in Africa.  With the shortage of health care workers, hectic work environment, and limited resources; this initiative aims to get those in the caring profession to work together, in the most effective way for better patient outcomes across the continuum of care.

Our priorities are as follows;

  • To share and transfer knowledge by hosting educational seminars for students in the caring profession across Universities in Africa.
  • To move our communities forward by focusing on the unmet health needs of indigenes through; Medical missions, engaging humanitarians, and all other stakeholders to lead change in Africa.

An open forum support group for Teens geared towards exposing major teen health problems, especially their mental health; physical health; spiritual health; social health as well as providing the resources in the community to support them.

Coming Soon

An initiative that focuses on the spiritual dimension of care to achieve wholeness.  Many patients have spiritual needs, especially during the time of illness.

Our goal; – To serve different faith communities, regardless of the religion, race, and culture.

– To create a sense of wholeness by integrating the spiritual, physical, social, environmental, and mental aspects of patient care.

-To contribute to the health and healing for all faith communities.

– To foster new and creative responses to the health concerns of faith communities.