Caring distinguishes nursing from other profession. It is the core of being human as well as at the heart of nursing. Therefore, caring is crucial to providing a safe, efficient, and holistic patient care. There are a lot of people that either do not have family in town, do not know where their family is, or have no family at all. We have seen it countless times in clinical settings. These people are loners, they die lonely, have nobody to turn to and no support system whatsoever. Most times, people like this depend on medical staffs, volunteers, as well as advocacy organizations for support. So, more than donating any material thing, these people need companionship, a friend, a family, or simply someone that cares. Our care includes friendly visits to individuals or groups in this category. “VHD is determined to be family to those without one”.

Additionally, this program encompasses adopting “adult orphans” who wishes and consents to being part of the VHD, Inc. family. Do you know of any adult or elderly orphan or anyone without a family and would like one? We are committed to providing care that is unique and genuine to our patient populations.

Are you ready to experience a human touch and care like no other?